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The Afterburn

Team Training For Actual Results

HIIT80 Fitness Zone Training is where people come when they are finally ready to Get Real results. A global community where members train in groups of High Intensive Interval Training @ 80% of their heart-rate (HIIT80) in fast, fun, result-driven, scientifically proven specialist classes. We Call it “Gym Reiinvented”.

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45 Min. Training

Data Governed Performance

Team Training

Different Every Day

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HIIT80 is structurally designed to give the user the best workout in the most hygienic setting using proven scientific training methods in a low impact format and a mass of technology where every workout is different. We are continually evolving for you.

Personal heart-rate monitors with in-class display using the principles of EPOC and the After Burn to monitor your internal health and AI physical body scanner to monitor your external form. Along with our HIIT80 summary report, you receive though our HIIT80 App, each time you complete a class, HIT80 is reviewing your health from day one.



After three sessions our “HIITsters” can feel the difference. After 10 days they can see the difference and after 20 days they are “HIITsters” for life. Our no-ego approach of inclusivity and care as a global community brings real life changing results.
Time to Get Real – Time to get HIIT80

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High Intensive Interval Training @80% of your individual heart-rate using heart-rate monitors to track each person’s individual output working towards a leaner, stronger, internally healthier you in an injury-free environment that’s so much fun you can’t wait to come back. We Call it “Gym Reinvented”.

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Based around group training, the heart rate and progressive fitness HIIT80 is the only brand of Gym to combine technology and exercise to create a program where  members can see improvement instantly.

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