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The Afterburn


Team Training For Actual Results

HIIT80 Fitness Zone Training is where people come when they are finally ready to Get Real results. A global community where members train in groups of High Intensive Interval Training @ 80% of their heart-rate (HIIT80) in fast, fun, result-driven, scientifically proven specialist classes. We Call it “Gym Reiinvented”.

Concept of HIIT backed by Sports Science is the best in all available exercise communities in Baner. It takes only a minute to find the best gym in Baner and Balewadi. We are a community working together towards a better version of ourselves. HIIT80 is more than exercise and is designed to develop elite fitness which makes HIIT80 the best gym. HIIT80’s result-oriented workout routines stand unique from any other regular gym regime because of our scientifically proven concept and HIIT training. HIIT80 Gym in Baner and Balewadi are driven by highly experienced coaches who will guide each and every member throughout their entire fitness journey making HIIT80 the best gym in Balewadi.Our technology of heart rate monitoring with live heart rate tracking during workouts makes us the most modern gym.

Our Classes

45 Min. Training


Data Governed Performance

Team Training


Different Every Day


What our client says


Diksha Dorwani

I’ve been a fitness enthusiast ever since I can remember!!!
The HIIT80 GYM is my therapy retreat... the one place I run too every single day & It makes me happy!!!
As a Nutritionist & Fitness professional, I do not recommend traditional weight lifting for young teens. At HIIT80 it’s different. Workouts are more functional, weights equivalent to your fitness goals, technically charted exercise routines suited for all age groups, high intensity enthusiasm n such more... This place has made it possible for My teenage daughter n me workout together.


Harshal Pawar

I am a kind of person does not like to go to tradition Gym and do weightlifting. For me fitness has higher place over bodybuilding. HIIT80 is the place where I found I can maintain my fitness level by spending 45 minutes 3-4 times a week. Community workout of HIIT80 keeps me motivated and help me to maintain my fitness level. HIIT80 is the place for fitness Lovers.


Jasper Fortuin

HIIt80 brought paradigm shift in my understanding of fitness. I have never seen so enthusiastic training approach. I love the way they give attention to every member. I am just fallen in love with HIIT80 workout Routine’s. Fun working-Out with HIIT80

HIIT80 is structurally designed to give the user the best workout in the most hygienic setting using proven scientific training methods in a low impact format and a mass of technology where every workout is different. We are continually evolving for you.



Personal heart-rate monitors with in-class display using the principles of EPOC and the After Burn to monitor your internal health and AI physical body scanner to monitor your external form. Along with our HIIT80 summary report, you receive though our HIIT80 App, each time you complete a class, HIT80 is reviewing your health from day one.



After three sessions our “HIITsters” can feel the difference. After 10 days they can see the difference and after 20 days they are “HIITsters” for life. Our no-ego approach of inclusivity and care as a global community brings real life changing results.
Time to Get Real – Time to get HIIT80

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High Intensive Interval Training @80% of your individual heart-rate using heart-rate monitors to track each person’s individual output working towards a leaner, stronger, internally healthier you in an injury-free environment that’s so much fun you can’t wait to come back. We Call it “Gym Reinvented”.

Welcome to HIIT80



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Frequently asked questions

Does hiit 80 provide a personal trainer?

Yes. We do provide PT in our gym in Baner, Balewadi.

Can I work out every day at a HIIT80?

Yes. You can! But we advise you to work out only 3-4 days in a week to get desirable results in our best gym in Baner.

Why join HIIT 80 gym?

We are result-oriented & the best gym in Baner, Balewadi.

What Benefits do we get if we join for 12 months?

You will pay for 7 months and get a 1-year long membership with our gym in Baner, Balewadi.

Are there any additional charges for personal training?

Yes. Please get in touch with us for details.

Is there a steam room at HIIT80?

No. We are into HIIT training, we do not advise taking steam while doing HIIT sessions.

When can I start getting results after joining HIIT 80 gym at baner?

In 2 weeks, you will start feeling a difference and in 4 weeks people will start noticing.

Can I pay fees in installments at HIIT80?

We do not encourage paying fees in installments, but we may consider it on a case-to-case basis.

Are there any offers for students?

Yes. We always encourage the new generation to follow the path of fitness.

Do they provide any functional training?

We provide HIIT sessions.

Is HIIT 80 Air-conditioned?

Yes. We are a fully air-conditioned gym in Baner, Balewadi

Is there a parking facility at HIIT 80 gym in balewadi?

Yes. Ample parking is available at our gym in Baner, Balewadi.

Do we need to pay separately for Boxing, Suspension, self-defense and Regular Gym?

No. Boxing, suspension and self-defense training is included in our gym membership.