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Developing Elite Fitness

Why HIIT80?

HIIT80 is an American High Intensity Interval Training ( HIIT ) gym facility from Richmond Virginia.

We operate small beautiful gyms based on Sports Science, knowing each member personally and the best ROI in the industry.The HIIT80 corporate office provides daily/constant support through our client managers, IT platforms and constant intouch approach meaning each club has market leading data and professional care to focus on enjoying the gym ownership business.


The SmartestHour Workout In

The Country  

Gym Pods in 45 Days With HIIT457

HIIT80 45 days, 7 Stage Contract to Opening Party process will have your shiny new gym business taking in members fast.

Low Investment,

Low operating cost,

High Returns

HIIT80 has been designed to disrupt the gym industry. Beautiful clubs at a low investment servicing the upper market client segment with a small team fully supported by corporate

HIIT80 IT Suit

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Club Management


Techno Pure Heart


HIITv Trainer


HIIT80 Secure Zone

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HIIT80 Body Scan


Class Selector


HIIT80 Timer


HIIT80 Radio

HIIT80 Member Suits

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Online Nutrition

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Member Activity Club


Individual Daily HIIT


Interclub HIIT80 Games

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Online Training

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Weight lifting, Boxing and Cardio Rowing to get fast effective result in a fun environment giving you the best reputation in town with for a profitable company

Futuristic Gym based on Sports Science

We are with you all the way

HIIT80 account managers working daily with each gym to achieve the very best results along with graphics, IT, account and training support you are never own your own