LIFESTYLE: Are we on the Right Track?

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines LIFESTYLE as “the typical way of life of an individual, group or culture

Healthy Lifestyle” is searched umpteen number of times on Google. It points the inquirer in the direction of related terms like healthy lifestyle for kids, healthy lifestyle jobs, healthy eating and many more. Whatever a healthy lifestyle really means, looks like many people want it to be a part of it. Healthy Lifestyle is deemed to be defined in many different ways and in many different perspectives.

Seen in this light, the concept of “lifestyle” might seem less a matter of choice than of destiny. The process of opting a healthy lifestyle is a complex process with attributes like genetics, experience, nature, nurture, family, peers and many more such factors. These make it difficult for the individual to follow what is best of him.

India has shown a swivel from Holistic Lifestyle to the Modern Lifestyle. Some believe in living a life out there and some are conservative. It’s your peers and surroundings what you take up usually.

Point to ponder upon:

I. Is your lifestyle in sync with your health?

II. Are your health habits healthy enough for you?

III. Is your health making you fit mentally, physically and emotionally?

When you have answered these questions and introspect is exactly when you start your journey towards a better lifestyle for yourself.

Frequent Concerns about a Lifestyle Change:

I. Will it be Sustainable?

A. A Lifestyle Change is a bigger Mental task than a Physical task. You can make it work as much as you want and however you want. It's tough at the start, but if you see the changes in your body, you will start enjoying the process.

II. Will I be able to do it?

B. Everyone is able to do it. Not every lifestyle change making a sculpted body, its about making choices which are suited for your healthy body and mind.

III. Is it about making drastic changes?

C. Smaller changes and gradual changes is what makes a lifestyle change.

A Quote by Mehmet Oz says “Your Genetics Load the Gun, Your Lifestyle Pulls the Trigger.” Trigger the Gun in the right direction and your life will be different and wonderful.

In a Nutshell, Lifestyle is being Healthy not only Physically, but Mentally, Holistically, Emotionally, Socially and Overall Everything.

It is not to be measured on a weighing scale or body measurements, it is about how AMAZING you feel when you begin and end your day.